Filed for record Feb. 1, 1963
Recoreded in Book D 678 Page 523
Records of Bernalillo County, New Mexico

A) All lots in the tract shall be known and described as residential lots and no structure shall be erected on any residential building lot other than one detached single family dwelling not to exceed two stories in height and a garage and appurtenant outbuildings. No lot shall be re-subdivided into building plots having less than 15,000 square feet of area or a width of less than 100 feet each or a frontage of less than 100 feet.

B) No structure on any of said lots shall be used for business or commercial purposes.

C) No residential structure shall be erected on any building plot nearer than 40 feet to nor farther than 60 feet from the front lot line, nor nearer than 10 feet to any side lot line, except that on all lots bordering on North 4th Street no structure shall be erected closer than 30 feet from the East line of North 4th Street, and no outbuildings except garages, shall be erected nearer than 80 feet to the front line. This side line requirement shall not apply to a garage or outbuilding located at the rear of the main residential structure.

D) No structure shall be moved onto any lot unless it meets with approval of the committee hereinafter referred to or if there is not committee it shall conform to and be in harmony with the existing structures in the tract.

E) No building shall be erected on any lot until the design and location thereof have been approve in writing by a committee appointed by the sub-divider or elected by a majority of the owners of lots in said subdivision. However, in the event that such a committee is not in existence or fail to approve or disapprove such design or location within 15 days, then such approval will not be required provided the design and location on the lot conform to and are in harmony with the existing structures in the tract. In any case either with the approval or without the approval of the committee, no dwelling costing less than $2500 shall be permitted on any lot in the tract, and the ground floor square foot area thereof shall not be less than 700 square feet.

F) All toilet and sewage disposal outlets hall be connected to an approved septic tank.

G) No temporary building shall be erected on any lot, except sheds or work shops for the use in connection with the erection of permanent improvements in the course of construction.

H) All adobe structures shall be finished outside with cement plaster within four months after construction, and all improvements, except brick, shall be completely painted when erected.

I) All lots shall have the right to irrigation ditch easements and be subject thereto as shown on the plat of said Addition.

J) Easements for the use of public utilities are reserved over the rear six feet of all lots.

K) It is understood and agreed that all the covenants herein contained shall run with the land and shall continue for another ten years from and after January 1, 1963, with the further understanding that such covenants shall be continuously extended thereafter for ten year periods, unless a majority of the property owners in said sub-division agree that said covenants shall no longer be in full force and effect after the expiration of the ten year period provided for herein.


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